About us

Our success and company history.


Comnet International LLCComnet International L.L.C based in Dubai, is a 15 year-old Group specializes in the imports,
exports, wholesale and retail of computer systems & components and High end networking
Within an expertise built over the years and employing one of the most qualified professionals
manpower, we today address a broad spectrum of business needs.
Established in 2004, the company grew up steadily with the business with wholesale sectors,
Government, Semi Government, Ministries and Private Sector Companies. This has been due to our
valued customers who have given us much repeat business & our new customers who have selected us as their IT Partners and we are thankful to you for that.

Our Vision

To be among the number one World Class preferred I.T company in the provision of all standard
ICT products, services and solutions in the short and long run by developing technical depth,
enhancing resources reach and infrastructure using the best management practices for
operational excellence.
We operate as a technology driven global organization obsessed with customer needs, devoted
to build lasting partnerships and acting with integrity, honesty and a spirit of co-operation with
customers, suppliers and employers.

Premium Services

We are NOT just IT Vendors like others but once you become our client we also become your
partner and support your business throughout its life time.
Our core business has been positioned around making organizations achieve the most out of
their ICT investments by way of providing our premium services which includeSupply and leasing of computer equipment and accessorie.
Repair and Maintenance of IT equipment (servicing, repair and installation of Networking
(cabling & wireless networks, LAN, WAN, VPN, VLAN, Proxy servers, and mail servers) in both
Linux and windows platform.
IT Security (Firewalls, Intrusion detection, Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Anti-spyware).
Systems Integration (Deployment of various applications/ software e.g. Financial Systems Audit & Disaster Recovery (Asset Tracking, Backup& Restoration, and compliance to
Industry-accepted Best practices).
ICT Consultancy (Assessment, Analysis, recommendation, and reporting on ICT Infrastructure
and solutions based on client needs).

Team Members

“Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out.”

How We Work?

We are proud of ourselves on the specialty of our sales
force. A big sales force that is split up into sectors so you
get a specialist that knows not only your business but the
sector that you are in.
Our Sales team is also a Growing team that specializes
on customer support and service. What differentiates us
from others is our focus on Clients.